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Apple reportedly wants to help test your DNA


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Now that Apple has launched a platform for medical research, it's apparently ready to expand what that platform can do. MIT's sources understand that the Cupertino crew is working with academics on ResearchKit apps that let iPhone users get DNA tests. Apple wouldn't directly scoop up DNA, as you might imagine -- rather, it would make it easier for you to collect genes and share them with scholars. You could see some findings within the app, too, so you might know whether or not a condition is genetic.

The company isn't commenting on the claims. However, you may see these DNA apps sooner than you think. Apple has reportedly lined up app-based studies from both New York's Mount Sinai Hospital as well as UC San Francisco, and it's hoping that they'll be ready in time for the Worldwide Developer Conference in early June. Whether or not they are, the rumor suggests that the folks at 1 Infinite Loop want to be more than just passive observers in the medical world.

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