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WikiLeaks follows up its Sony post with Saudi cables


Now that WikiLeaks is back to sharing secrets, it's released another cache of information. This dump comes in the form of 70,000 documents from the Saudi Foreign Ministry, which it attributes to a hack by a group calling itself the Yemeni Cyber Army (Saudi Arabia has been involved in a civil war there recently). WikiLeaks says it went through thousands of pages of scanned images released by the group and put them into its searchable database, revealing Saudi government activity to co-opt and control media worldwide with bribes and confrontations. The release also comes three years after its leader Julian Assange sought refuge in an Ecuadorian embassy, avoiding extradition to Sweden on accusations of sexual assault.

According to Buzzfeed, the documents also include passport information for Hillary Clinton and other US diplomats, recalling criticism about the group's efforts to redact information that might put certain individuals in danger. If you choose to see for yourself, the documents are online -- you can read Arabic, right?

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