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Xbox Live gets 28 percent more monthly active users in the first quarter


It was a pretty good first quarter for Microsoft on the gaming front. The company revealed today that monthly active Xbox Live users increased by 28 percent over the last three months, a huge jump that now puts the active user base at 39 million. To be clear: These aren't the total amount of people on Xbox Live (which sits around 49 million), just those who are playing at least once a month. The summer break probably accounted for much of that growth, together with high-profile releases like Metal Gear Solid V and Destiny: The Taken King. Still, the gaming success wasn't enough to help Microsoft's More Personal Computing group -- which includes all of its devices -- still saw revenue fall 17 percent in Q1, mostly due to the 54 percent revenue drop in phones. And that figure isn't too surprising: Microsoft didn't really have many fresh phone offerings over the summer.

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