Cortana starts rolling out on Cyanogen for OnePlus One

Just as Microsoft promised, its virtual assistant is embedded within the latest Cyanogen update.

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Cortana starts rolling out on Cyanogen for OnePlus One

If you're a lucky owner of a OnePlus One phone, you can now find Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant after updating to the Cyanogen 12.1.1 release. As we've reported, the integration is a particularly intriguing move for Microsoft. It's already launchd Cortana on Android and iOS, but the Cyanogen integration goes even deeper, allowing you to use the "Hey Cortana" voice command just about anywhere on the device. You can even change some phone settings, like enabling silencing or changing network modes, something that Cortana can't do platforms outside of Windows Phone.

There's no word yet on similar Cortana integration for other devices, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see it expanding over the next year. It's easier for Microsoft to start with deeper Cortana hooks for a single device, rather than trying to support an entire platform at once.

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