Here's an Intel-powered smart hard hat with thermal vision

Perfect for all of your 'Robocop' fantasies.

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Timothy J. Seppala
January 6th, 2016
Here's an Intel-powered smart hard hat with thermal vision
Intel loves putting its sensors and chips in places you might not expect them, and its latest is the DAQRI smart hard-hat. In a brief demo onstage during its media briefing company CEO Brian Krzanich trotted out DAQRI founder Brian Mullins to show off the future of the hard hat, one with a built-in camera and what looks like an AR display to see how to redirect the flow in a complex plumbing setup, for instance. Or, you could even use thermal vision to detect potential problems that you wouldn't see without the wireless helmet; the wire in the image up above is a camera feed to show the audience what the wearer saw. Cool! If you want to score one of these for yourself (for all your Robocop fantasies), Mullins said they're shipping the revision to "tier one partners" today.
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