Drinky the robot is the perfect companion for lonely drunks

That he won't ever get drunk is a huge bonus.

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Mariella Moon
January 6, 2016 10:39 AM
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Drinky the robot is the perfect companion for lonely drunks

Well, OK. The truly perfect companion to a lonely drunk is a sympathetic human being, but Drinky is a close second. It can listen to your troubles without judgement while occasionally nodding and giving you a thumbs up, and it can clink glasses with you as if you're actually drinking with another person. Even better, the liquor it "drinks" heads straight to its jar-stomach, which you can recycle, if you know what we mean. The bro-bot was created by South Korean inventor Eunchan Park who was suddenly struck by loneliness while drinking on his own in Christmas 2012.

"Drinking alone was definitely terrible!" the man wrote in his YouTube video description.

He continued:

I put an extra glass in front of me and poured Soju (the most popular alcoholic drink in his native country) into it... I cheered by myself with the glass of Soju, as though there was someone in front of me... the secret of taste of alcohol totally depends on existence of partner. This is why I made this robot.

Don't feel bad for Park, though. He most likely didn't celebrate Christmas 2015 alone, since Art Center Nabi (an art museum in Seoul) supported his little robotics project. The bad news is that Drinky isn't being mass produced, so you'd have to find (or build!) your own drinking buddy.

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Drinky the robot is the perfect companion for lonely drunks