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Here's what you missed on day four at CES

Kodak's retro Super 8 camera, your own personal robot arm and a 3D-printed meteor.
Here's what you missed on day four at CES image
Here's what you missed on day four at CES image
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|January 8, 2016 11:00 AM
CES 2016: Day 4 Recap

Day four of CES 2016 was less about consumer products, and more about pie-in-the sky ideas. A company that one day plans to mine asteroids 3D-printed an object out of asteroid dust, just to show how humans might build objects on remote planets. We also got our first look at the KATIA robot arm, a surprisingly affordable device that could help you do light manufacturing or, say, build Lego. Finally, we got a look at two smartphones that use Google's vaunted Project Tango tech that will let you 3D scan all the things. For those and the other stories, watch our Editor-in-Chief Michael Gorman's take on the day (above) or check the gallery below.

Gallery: CES 2016 day four roundup | 8 Photos

  • A model spacecraft was 3D printed from space dust
  • Kodak's trying to make Super 8 film cool again
  • Intel's RealSense 3D phone puts you inside a mech
  • This robot arm wants to find a home with consumers
  • Lenovo and Google partner on a Project Tango phone
  • 360Fly's got a new 4K 360-degree camera
  • Take a look inside Samsung's new skunkworks lab
  • The Concepter knows who you're spending time with
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Here's what you missed on day four at CES