Meet Krush's 360-degree VR vomit comet

The mobile app developer's concept device lets you fly around like a test pilot in virtual reality.

You know those firms that are famous for making one thing, but also have some wacky projects on the side? Krush is one such outfit, which is most commonly known for its video chat platform, ooVoo, and various other social and dating apps. Despite this, the the firm has rolled up to CES with the Moveo, a VR flight simulator that offers 360-degrees of unfettered motion. A user straps themselves in while wearing an Oculus Rift, and uses a joystick in the cockpit to zoom around the galaxy in a virtual spaceship.

Before you bellow "shut up and take my money" at your display, it's just a concept device that Krush built for fun, at least for now. The company claims that Moveo has been created with fully custom components and that it won't be too easy to replicate. In addition, the system was at such a nebulous stage that it had already suffered a large electrical malfunction by the time we turned up to take a look at it. We can't imagine this technology ever making it into our homes, but it's certainly the sort of thing that'll draw a crowd at shows like this. Then again, if you've got a few billion dollars in the bank, you could do worse than giving them a call.