Tinder's hidden score rates your 'desirability'

Your dating matches are based partly on an largely unknown algorithm.

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Jon Fingas
January 11, 2016 4:04 PM
Tinder's hidden score rates your 'desirability'

If you've used Tinder often enough, you've probably wondered whether there was a science behind who your matches are. Well, it's now certain that there is -- although whether or not you like it is another matter. Tinder tells Fast Company that it gives everyone a hidden "desirability" score based on an algorithm determined by "a lot of factors." The company isn't clear about what those are (trade secrets!), but the suggestion is that it's partly a reflection of how closely you match traits that convince people to swipe right. If you have a fully fleshed-out profile with interesting photos, for example, you may be more alluring than someone who posted the bare minimum and a humdrum profile shot.

The outfit is quick to note that this isn't a sign of "universal attractiveness," since people are frequently drawn to different traits. And you might do better simply because of who picks you. Your chances may go up significantly if one of Tinder's power users likes you, for example. Still, it's hard to shake the sensation that you're being quietly judged. As helpful as the desirability score is in finding appropriate hookups, there's a concern that it's preventing matches between people who fall outside the norm.

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Tinder's hidden score rates your 'desirability'