Tinder hopes its new features will improve your odds

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Tinder hopes its new features will improve your odds

'Super likes' be damned, Tinder is fleshing out its addictively swipey profile cards with more information aimed at connecting you with the person of your dreams / evening. As well as "intelligently" adding relevant information (including work history and education) on each suitor's audition card, the matching-making app says it's improved its learning algorithm to "drive more compatible matches." Machine learning will assess what Tinder users have been doing with the app to create an algorithm to help improve the chances of love. How exactly that'll help your odds, when everyone will still be swiping in one direction or another, remains to be seen -- we've asked Tinder for clarification.

The update also redesigns the message hub, keeping the people you talk to near the top, while also displaying a rail of your recent matches. These new features (and the promise of more matches) are perfectly timed for the company that owns Tinder (and OKCupid), as it warms up to file its IPO. The features also nudge the app a little bit closer to its buttoned-down dating site relative, adding more shared interests and details to help make the right choice.

Also, knowing that you used to work in the same company -- or have the same alma mater -- arguably makes a better introduction to your parents than saying you swiped right on your phone.

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Tinder hopes its new features will improve your odds