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'Gilmore Girls' is officially coming back to Netflix

Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and most of the original cast will be back.

'Gilmore Girls' is officially coming back to Netflix
Nathan Ingraham
Nathan Ingraham|January 29, 2016 5:13 PM
All the signs have been there, but now it's official: Gilmore Girls will be coming back via Netflix. News of the series' revival broke last fall, and all the evidence had pointed towards the show coming back for real. But until today, Netflix hadn't actually confirmed that the show would be the latest reboot to find a home with the service. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. and Netflix both have confirmed its return with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and the majority of the show's original cast. Netflix also appears to have confirmed the news with a pretty ridiculous and awesome tweet.

How the show will be structured remains to be seen -- original rumors said it might come back as four 90-minute "mini movie" episodes, but that hasn't been confirmed yet. It also seems unlikely that Melissa McCarthy will resume her supporting role on the show given how much her star has risen in the years since Gilmore Girls wrapped in 2007.

Regardless, fans can finally see Sherman-Palladino put a wrap on the characters as she sees fit -- she left the show before its final season due to contract disputes. She'll be writing and directing all the episodes along with her husband and creative partner Daniel Palladino, who was also heavily involved with the first Gilmore Girls run. Filming should begin next week.

Lead Gimore Girl Lauren Graham has also confirmed the reunion with this adorable tweet:

'Gilmore Girls' is officially coming back to Netflix