Ben Heck's Steam controller-inspired concept

This DIY project takes some clear cues from Valve.

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Ben Heck's Steam controller-inspired concept image
Ben Heck's Steam controller-inspired concept image
The Ben Heck Show - Episode 222 - Ben Heck's Steam Controller Inspired Concept

The Ben Heck Show team were asked to check out Valve's Steam Controller, so we took this as an opportunity to see how the controller works and bring PC gaming to the console masses. The team uses it as inspiration to create a gaming controller for the living room. Karen, Felix and Ben work together using a Teensy, hall effect sensors, clay and metal cutting (with some sewing) to let you kick back and enjoy a game of Quake on the sofa. Do it yourself on the element14 community where we post behind the scenes content, project files and you can talk with the Show's team!
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