Watch Amazon spoof tech culture in its upcoming sci-fi movie (updated)

The first 'Creative Control' trailer shows the pleasures and perils of augmented reality.

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Watch Amazon spoof tech culture in its upcoming sci-fi movie (updated)

There's already a spot-on parody of tech industry culture you can watch, but Amazon -- a big part of that industry -- might have a clever satire of its own. Its studio wing just released the first trailer for Creative Control, a movie that roasts the relentless optimism of many tech companies. The story revolves around augmented reality glasses that are supposed to put a "magical layer" on top of life (a not-so-subtle poke at devices like Google Glass and HoloLens), but really just mess with the main character's grasp of the real world. Among other things, the flick includes virtual romance and a surreal performance from noted VR enthusiast Reggie Watts. There's no release date yet, but what little we've seen suggests that it'll be worth waiting for the eventual online and theatrical releases.

Update: It's debuting March 11th.

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