You'll soon track Bluetooth devices directly over the internet

New tools help Bluetooth gadgets join the internet of things without a go-between.

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David McNew/AFP/Getty Images
David McNew/AFP/Getty Images

There are plenty of Bluetooth-based sensors and smart household items, but they have one big gotcha: they typically need an intermediary device to get internet access and offer control away from home. The Bluetooth standards group has unveiled an architecture that gives those devices an internet gateway without requiring a phone, tablet or another in-between gadget. Your internet-connected thermostat could control temperature sensors around the house and send that information online, letting you track them from wherever you happen to be.

It'll take time for device makers to implement the kit, so don't expect your smart home to get smarter right away. With that said, it's already apparent that Bluetooth's backers are no longer content to let WiFi hog the spotlight -- between this and Bluetooth 4.2's direct internet access, they want their technology to be crucial to getting your gear online.

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