Rossignol and PIQ team up to track your skiing performance

The ski sensor monitors both carving and freestyle stats.

PIQ has teamed up with Rossignol to give you all the skiing metrics you probably never thought you needed. The 13-axis ski sensor, which is identical to PIQ's golf and tennis models, comes with a special strap that attaches it to any ski boot. It can then measure stats like edge-to-edge speed, G-force and carving angle, while giving freestyle skiers air time, G-force at landing, rotation and more. As with other PIQ models, you can check stats immediately from your Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth, but if you don't carry a phone during mogul practice, it'll store the data for later.

The device lets you track your runs in detail via the Rossignol and PIQ apps, giving you a readout of your best turn, jump and overall PIQ score. Of course, your time is what counts, but it should be handy for skiers looking to improve specific skills. As with any tracker these days, there's also the social factor, as you can put your performance up against your pals or even pro racers around the world. We've seen other ski sensors like the Trace tracker, but PIQ says its model is the lightest one out there. It's now up on pre-order for $149, and if you already have a PIQ golf or tennis sensors, you can get the required strap as a $49 upgrade.