Barbie's new Dreamhouse goes full IoT with voice commands

And yes, it's really connected to the internet.

Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Mattel

Last year, Mattel debuted its WiFi-enabled Hello Barbie to make playtime a bit more interactive. A connected doll needs an internet-friendly home, too. At this year's Toy Fair, the company is showing off just that. The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse gives the brand's namesake her very own smart home that actually connects to the internet and a companion app. That connectivity allows the toy to accept voice commands from kids for tasks ranging from flipping on the lights to operating the elevator. Because of course Barbie has an elevator... duh.

When the weekend arrives, there's Party Mode that handles the flashing lights and music for all of those end of the week festivities. And yes, you can flip it on with a voice command, too. Party Mode will also turn the stair case into a slide, because time spent walking is better used doing anything else at the Dreamhouse. As you might expect, Barbie's new home doesn't come cheap as it's priced at $299 and expected to hit stores this fall.

What's more, Barbie's hopping on the drone bandwagon as well. The $60 Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard is a tiny remote-controlled drone that will have the doll flying through your living room with ease in an outfit appropriate for said activity. The flying accessory is expected to arrive this fall too, so Barbie fans will have more than one tech-related option to ask Santa for this year.