ICYMI: Feedback flex screen, cyborg Olympics and more

Training for the obstacle course on the wheelchair route is going to be epic.

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ICYMI: Tactile Feedback Flex Screen, Cyborg Olympics & More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers built a prototype flexible display smart device with tactile feedback to actually use the bendable display for control within apps. Actev Motors has a new $600 go-cart for kids that has smart sensors that keeps it from crashing into things, and a parental control app that sets miles per hour limits. And to a person, we are so excited for the upcoming Zurich Cybathalon event next fall. In it, people with physical handicaps can compete in Olympic-like events designed for electric wheelchairs, exoskeleton suits and the like.

We are also tickled by this video of a Star Wars droid translation helmet, so hopefully you enjoy it as well.

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