The pulsing 'Hotline Miami' soundtrack gets physical

Act fast though: This is limited to 5,000 copies.

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Devolver Digital / Dennaton Games / Laced Records
Devolver Digital / Dennaton Games / Laced Records

Hotline Miami and its sequel Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number have two of the best soundtracks in all of gaming. But for whatever reason, until now there hasn't been a way to get a physical version of the first game's pulsing, futuristic score. As of this writing though, over a thousand people have pledged $75,033 on Kickstarter to change that.

And even though the record label and funding method are entirely different from Wrong Number, the prequel's soundtrack package looks every bit as, ahem, killer. You're going to need to act fast if you want a copy: there are only 5,000 copies of the first, collector's edition pressing. Like Wrong Number before it, this score encompasses a trio of 180-gram LPs, and the Kickstarter page says that all 22 original tracks have been remastered. What's more, there are a quartet of additional songs from El Huervo, Jasper Byrne, M|O|O|N and Perturbator.

The early bird special is already sold out, but you can still get your hands on the $50 standard backing tier. If you want to get really crazy and act fast enough there's still one of three $1,420 test-pressings of the soundtrack that comes with signed posters and a personalized plaque with your name on it.

Why Kickstarter? Laced Records writes on the pledge page that it was using the crowdfunding platform to gauge interest and build some support from the game's rabid fanbase. Considering that each of the sequel's three pressings sold out incredibly quickly and it has a median price of $160 on Discogs (several eBay listings are for over $300), time is definitely of the essence here. Run both ways unless you want to listen via the Soundcloud channel embedded below for the foreseeable future!

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