Discogs' vinyl-tracking app goes wide February 29th

Feed your record addiction on the go.

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Timothy J. Seppala
February 27th, 2016

Whether you call it "vinyl," "wax," "black crack" or something else entirely, we can all agree that poring over shelves for new records can be a time-consuming, but ultimately rewarding, process. And now, the folks at Discogs are making it easier to see if that copy of the Lost Highway soundtrack you found is the real deal or just another bootleg. Come Monday, the internet's preeminent destination for music collectors is taking its iOS app out of beta.

Searching for a record is as simple as scanning its barcode with your phone's camera, and managing your collection via the free app is pretty intuitive as well. From a search results screen, just drag to the right to either add to your want list or collection -- similar to how the Amazon app works for purchases. Oh, and marketplace pricing is front and center for any given LP so making sure you aren't getting ripped off while crate-digging on vacation is as easy as possible.

Discogs is leaning heavily on its users to drive feature additions for the app, and native marketplace integration currently leads the request list. Why's that? Because for now, making a purchase redirects to the mobile website. It's still a bit janky in that regard. The outfit says that it should go live in the App Store sometime Monday morning Pacific Time.

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