'Contra' for phones looks just as tough as the console versions

'Contra Mobile' brings the side-scrolling shooter to the touchscreen world.

The Contra game series is notoriously tough (there's a good reason it's synonymous with the Konami code), and it doesn't look like it'll be any easier in its smartphone version. Konami and Tencent have released a trailer for Contra Mobile which shows that it'll be just as frenetic as the console versions you've played in the past, complete with larger-than-life boss battles and turrets aplenty. There's even a player-versus-player mode if you don't think the AI is cutthroat enough.

The developers haven't yet committed to a release date or even a US launch, but the mobile Contra be available on Android and iOS and (shocker) include microtransactions. Hopefully, that means paying for cosmetic features rather than must-haves like weapons and lives. It won't be fun if you have to drop a few bucks just to make it past an arbitrarily difficult level, will it? Look at it this way, though: it's good to see Konami doing something to maintain one of its famous game franchises.