'Godus Wars' developer kills microtransactions after outcry

Maybe Peter Molyneux wishes he really had retired.

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'Godus Wars' developer kills microtransactions after outcry

Last week Peter Molyneux had to contend with a hacked Twitter account, but this week he's dealing with disgruntled gamers. His 22cans studio just released a Steam Early Access version of Godus Wars, the much-anticipated, more fighty sequel to Godus. However, buyers weren't happy to discover that the title, which is free to buyers of the original Godus and $14.99 for everyone else, included a $5 microtransaction package. As Steam user Mucker_2202 said, "to release this into early access and ask for any kind of payment should be a crime."

Similar comments resulted in a "mostly negative" rating for the still-unfinished game, so 22cans decided to include the locked content for free. "It's been brought to our attention that the extra content being a premium add-on really isn't a popular choice," said 22cans CEO Simon Phillips on Steam. "Therefore, based on your feedback, the extra content will be available to all free-of-charge." That should quell the early access complaints, but based on other comments, there are still quite a few bugs to work out. That means even he wanted to, Molyneux will have to stay unretired.

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