No, 'Fable' designer Peter Molyneux isn't retiring today

Someone hacked his Twitter account.

Peter Molyneux is not done making video games. Molyneux appeared to announce his retirement from the video game industry in a series of tweets today, but it turns out his account was hacked. The impersonator also claimed that Molyneux was shutting down his latest game, Godus, but that's not true, either.

"Ahh my account has been hacked, ( you can tell cos they know how to spell) I am not retiring, not closing godus," Molyneux's account tweeted just minutes after a trio of messages claimed he was done with video games.

One of Molyneux's former employees at 22cans, Jack Attridge, also tried to get the message out about the hack, tweeting, "Peter's account was hacked. That is not a real tweet1!!" He said he spoke with Molyneux on the phone to confirm the hoax.

Molyneux is known as the creator of the "god game" genre, which kicked off with his 1989 title, Populous. He's also the mastermind behind such acclaimed games as Dungeon Keeper, Black & White and the Fable series (yes, including Fable III). He's one of the gaming industry's more eccentric characters and this isn't his first brush with Twitter-based impersonators.

Godus is (unsurprisingly) a god game that Molyneux crowdfunded in 2012 under his independent studio, 22cans. The game raised $850,000 on Kickstarter and it was tied to an experimental app, Curiosity, that promised to turn one player into a legitimate "god" of Godus. That idea didn't pan out as Molyneux promised.