PS4 Remote Play comes to your computer on April 6th

It's part of a 3.50 update that also lets you create events and more.

At last, PS4 Remote Play is coming to your computer. Sony has confirmed that the console's big 3.50 system update is arriving on April 6th with the game streaming feature intact, giving you a chance to play console titles from your PC or Mac. You can't play beyond 720p (albeit at 60 frames per second if you like), and you'll need to connect your DualShock 4 controller over USB, but this could still be a big relief if you can't wait to play on your TV. And don't worry if you have no interest in Remote Play -- there's much more on tap.

The 3.50 upgrade also gives you much more control over when and how you join your friends. You can create scheduled events that automatically add your friends to a party, which should be handy for that big Destiny raid or Rocket League tourney. You can see what everyone in a party is playing, too, and get notifications when specific friends are online. And if you're determined to play by yourself, you can choose to appear offline so friends don't get the wrong idea. While you're going to need this update no matter what (if you want to play online, at least), it sounds like it's worth grabbing sooner than later.