Drop Google Drive files and GIFs into your Yahoo emails

Yahoo Mail is starting to catch up with the crowd.

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David Lumb
April 13, 2016 11:49 PM
Drop Google Drive files and GIFs into your Yahoo emails

Yahoo's been busy bulking up its Mail app and its latest feature follows their strategy to play nice with other email and service providers. Now you can include files from Google Drive and even drop in Tumblr GIFs.

Yahoo's playing catch up with email features, considering Gmail has had Drive integration on Android since 2014 and Dropbox since May 2015. Regular improvements show that Yahoo's not content with its older experience.

Access to Drive along with a few OS-specific minor improvements is the latest in a chain of feature additions to Mail since Yahoo launched their new version of the app last Fall. Automatically adding your last tweet to the footer of your email is odd, but the other features are solid. Yahoo added Gmail to the slew of email services Mail can manage back in December, opened up customization for the app's swipe interface in January, added link previews last month, and just last week announced a partnership with Dropbox.

Letting you drop in GIFs is a cute bonus, especially showing which are trending, but it's becoming a *de rigeur* addition to chat and communication apps. At least it'll save your fingers some copy/paste action. The Mail update is live on Android and should be landing soon on iOS.

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