Yahoo wants to manage your Gmail account too

Get all your email in one place.
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|12.11.15

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Yahoo wants to manage your Gmail account too

When Yahoo announced two months ago that it would add third-party email support to its newly launched Mail app, only Hotmail, Outlook and AOL accounts were supported. Now, however, Gmail -- arguably its biggest rival -- has joined the party too. Thanks to Yahoo Mail's new smarts, the app won't just fetch the most recent 200 messages when you add it -- it's actually able to access your entire Gmail archive; attachments included. And since you'll have your Gmail working with the Yahoo Mail app, you'll be able to search across all your contacts and accounts in one unified interface. Other features of the new Yahoo Mail can also now work with your Gmail account -- they include a smarter contacts manager that'll automatically add email recipients based on your history, plus the new password-free Yahoo Account Key sign-in method. Gmail support in Yahoo Mail is available today in both iOS and Android apps plus, of course, the Yahoo Mail website itself.

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