The first 'Dark Souls 3' add-on doesn't hit until this fall

Prepare to die... err, wait.

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FromSoftware / Bandai Namco
FromSoftware / Bandai Namco
Given that plenty of folks went to impressive lengths to play FromSoftware's latest game early, I'm betting the following Dark Souls 3 news isn't going to sit well with them. Why? Because you'll have to wait until this fall to play anything beyond what's in the base game. That's according to UK enthusiast site Videogamer. And even then, that's only the release window for the first of two post-launch add-ons. Any other details are as scant as an Estus Flask when you really need it, but you can expect new bosses and enemies in addition to gear for your undead warrior.This sadly adds to the worrying trend of publishers shilling season passes for additional content -- often months in advance of release -- without giving players any idea of what their money gets them. Sure, Dark Souls 3's $25 pass only costs half as much as Star Wars: Battlefront's (previously) nebulous one did, but regardless of price there's no reason to shell money out when you have no idea what you're getting or when.
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