IMAX wants to host your indoor cycling sessions

The IMAXShift test promises the thrill of biking without having to leave the city.

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IMAX wants to host your indoor cycling sessions

If you live in in the heart of a city, it's hard to enjoy biking outside... not unless you like weaving through traffic. IMAX might have the next best thing, though. It's testing IMAXShift, an indoor cycling experience that promises to be more interesting than pedaling at the gym. The effort ultimately amounts to a cycling class in front of a giant screen, but IMAX argues that this could be a big motivator -- instead of riding either indoors or in a dreary urban landscape, you can travel along the Hawaiian coast or through the Solar System. There are even promises of "music-reactive visuals."

The company is setting up an initial cycling theater in Brooklyn, with reservations opening up on April 25th. It's clear from the pricing that this is more of an occasional treat than part of a daily routine, mind you. It costs $31 per ride (you get a second ride for free as a new user), and a monthly membership with unlimited access and guest credits costs a whopping $325 per month -- you'd better really, really like IMAX to choose this over a gym membership. It's less awkward than strapping on a VR headset at home, though, and it's not as daunting as trying to navigate city streets.

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