Make your own ladders and leagues with Gfinity's Xbox One app

Who is the best at 'Rocket League' on Engadget staff? We must know.

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Make your own ladders and leagues with Gfinity's Xbox One app
Gfinity is backing eSports heavily: if it's not a gaming arena, its an app that lets you arrange your own tournament, ladder or league. It's a first for consoles (and it's just Xbox One for now), but it lets you create and manage tournaments from the Microsoft game box. The company is hoping it'll see use both at the professional level as well as to settle scores in the office and at home.You'll need a Gfinity account to access everything, but you'll also be able to register for its series of FIFA, CoD and Rocket League pro competitions. Conveniently, the company is taking the launch as an opportunity to launch a $2,000 Rocket League tournament, exclusive to the app. Curiously, Gfinity CEO Neville's Upton claimed that the Xbox One had "18 million users globally", although this was scrubbed from later releases. The company claimed it derived the figure from previous estimates -- which would still put it a ways behind its rival.
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