PlayStation 4 sales top 35 million after a huge holiday

Sony moved 5.7 million game consoles during the fall alone.

If you had a hunch that the PlayStation 4 would keep up its gangbuster sales rate through the holiday season... well, you guessed correctly. Sony is crowing that lifetime sales of the PS4 have reached 35.9 million, 5.7 million of which were sold this holiday alone. In other words, a sixth of all PS4 owners joined in just the past few months. Many of these customers are online, too -- PlayStation Plus subscriptions jumped 60 percent compared to a year earlier.

As for the Xbox One? Microsoft isn't saying much, unfortunately. The company was quick to tout a "record holiday," but it's not revealing hardware numbers -- it'll only say that Xbox One sales were outpacing where the Xbox 360 was at the same point in its life, and were up 81 percent year-over-year. The lack of specifics suggests that Microsoft may be enjoying healthy sales, but isn't doing so well that it can gloat over the data. If so, the results wouldn't be shocking. The Xbox One has long been a strong seller in North America, but it fares poorly in Japan and other areas where the PlayStation brand has a firmer grip.

[Image credit: Chesnot/Getty Images]