The second 'XCOM 2' DLC pack arrives May 12th

Get ready for new guns, armor, gameplay and alien 'Rulers'.

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The second 'XCOM 2' DLC pack arrives May 12th

The second DLC pack for XCOM 2 is set to drop on May 12th and will come bursting at the seams with new content like a Xenomorph cub desperately chewing its way to freedom. The new pack will cost $10 unless you've already picked up the Reinforcements Pack, in which case save your money because the new content is already on its way.

The biggest addition are the expansion's three new Ruler aliens. These bosses will randomly hunt your team during campaigns (assuming you've cleared the new narrative sections already) and offer unique powers and tactics -- they'll even retreat if you don't blast them fast enough. Luckily, players will have access to four new "prototype" weapons including a single shot rifle, a throwable axe, a pistol that automatically hides dead bodies and a freeze grenade to better battle these badass bosses. Additionally, players can pick up three new armor sets -- each forged from the carcass of Ruler-class alien -- that will send their extraterrestrial minions scurrying. The DLC will also include a smattering of bug fixes and gameplay rebalances.

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