'XCOM 2' gets its first DLC pack on March 17th

Prepare yourself for 'Anarchy's Children.'

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'XCOM 2' gets its first DLC pack on March 17th

2K has revealed a launch date for the first XCOM 2 downloadable content: March 17th. Titled Anarchy's Children, the add-on pack will come with more than 100 "exotic" goodies, which you can use to deck out your soldiers. This includes new armor, helmets and masks, as well as fresh hair styles, face paintings and decals.

Additionally, 2K said it is working on a patch that'll bring performance enhancements and gameplay bug fixes to XCOM 2, but there's no word on when this going to be released. In the meantime, at least you can get the Anarchy's Children DLC for $5 via Steam next week, or free if you've already purchased the $20 Reinforcement Pack.

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'XCOM 2' gets its first DLC pack on March 17th