The new 'Doom' hides sinister images in its soundtrack

One more thing for your parents to get worked up about.

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The new 'Doom' hides sinister images in its soundtrack

It's no secret that the new Doom is chock-full of Easter eggs and other surprises, but the latest is one you wouldn't find just by wandering around the game's tortured halls. Intrepid fan TomButcher has noticed that at least one tune in the soundtrack, "Cyberdemon," shows both pentagrams and the number 666 when you visualize the music's frequencies through a spectrogram. Composer Mick Gordon recently teased that this hidden sinister imagery might be present in a video (below at the 3:29 mark), but there's no doubt about it now. Clearly, he remembers the days when the original Doom's hellish artwork had some parents in a frenzy.

Music aficionados will be quick to note that stealthy image insertion isn't new. Aphex Twin (aka Richard James) legendarily inserted his own face into the spectrogram for a track on his Windowlicker EP, for a start. All the same, it's good to know that the art of sneaking in subtle audio references is far from dead -- even if you're unlikely to see this feat in many other games going forward.

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