Look for Donald Trump's heart in 'Surgeon Simulator'

It's up to you whether or not The Donald has a heart of stone or gold.

Bossa Studios

Surgeon Simulator is putting the life of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in your (shaky) hands. With the Inside Donald Trump expansion, you're tasked with performing a heart transplant on the priapic real-estate mogul turned politician. Players can choose from swapping in a heart of stone or one made of gold, and should your procedure be successful, which heart you chose will show up on a tracker site along with the choices of every other would-be doctor. What's more, a running total of the cost of the procedures will populate the tracker as well.

A handful of The Donald's signature items like Trump Vodka and Trump Steaks make an appearance here as well, and there's even a "small hands" mode (pictured above) that should make Last Week Tonight's John Oliver giggle. There's no word if the game was coded using Drumpf's programming language, though. Oh, right: You can play with Trump's hair during the operation, and can even give him a makeover while his chest is splayed open. Not that there's any need to mess with perfection, but the option's there if you so desire.

The downloadable expansion is free for Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition owners, but the team at Bossa Studios have an upgrade plan if you only have the game's 2013 edition. Through June 11th on Steam, those folks can upgrade to the latest and greatest version for $2 and get the Trump add-on for $0.60 -- 80 percent off the normal price. If that still seems too steep, maybe the video below will convince you otherwise.