Sony adds picture-in-picture editing to PS4 Sharefactory app

Some new tools to edit your gameplay clips.

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Sony adds picture-in-picture editing to PS4 Sharefactory app

For a growing number of people, it's not enough just to play a video game anymore. They also want to record and share their favorite moments, whether as a walkthrough, highlight reel or humorous "let's play" experience. Sony's answer to this -- Sharefactory, a video editing app for the PlayStation 4 -- has now been updated to facilitate more complex videos. The biggest addition is Track 2, formerly the Commentary Track, which now lets you add a second piece of footage from the Capture Gallery. With this, you can show two different clips simultaneously, side-by-side.

That's useful if you want to show how a particular move or strategy (think Overwatch) will affect different parts of the map. Or how tackling an objective in different ways -- a freedom offered in games like Hitman, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dishonored -- will change your experience.

As part of the update, Sony has also increased the app's export limit to 60 minutes -- useful if you like making "let's play" videos -- and added Chroma-key support, which lets you edit footage shot with a green screen. Sharefactory will never match professional software like Adobe Premiere, but these new features should make it a more competent alternative.

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