Slow down time with PlayStation 4's video editor update

Sharefactory's a bit more robust with new tools for music and scene transitions.

Sony has an early gift for you this holiday season: more tools for its PlayStation 4 video editing app, Sharefactory. The electronics giant says that the ability to manipulate time has been among the most requested features and that's where Time Bender comes in. With it, you can slow nature's most effective killer down or implement time lapse to your gameplay footage. What's more, Sony's also increasing the number of clips that you can add to your masterpiece; the new limit's 50 for video and 12 for music.

Oh, and Sony's working on editing contests of sorts as well, dubbed Sharefactory Events. The first one's in the works right now, and you can expect details of what game developers and publishers will expect for the inaugural event -- in terms of creation requirements -- fairly soon.

Sony's also adding a few other bits and bobs including new scene transitions, filters, music tracks and the ability to layer stickers and text. The outfit says so far folks have crafted some 18.9 million videos so far with over 5.1 million downloads of the app itself. So, carry the one... that's something like three videos per download in around seven months time. Remember though, when there are some 30 million PS4s that ratio is a little less impressive.