Forge your own reality with Valve's free VR toolkit

The Destinations Workshop gives everyone access to the company's internal software.

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To encourage some aspiring VR world builders, Valve is releasing a free set of virtual reality creation software called Destinations Workshop. Included in the bundle are the same Source 2 engine tools that Valve uses in-house and example maps designed to help creators learn how to use them.

"Content creators will be able to use the Source 2 game engine, the same engine that Valve uses to create its own games and experiences, to create and share their own worlds with the VR community using the Destinations Workshop," Valve wrote. At launch, the toolkit also comes with some example scenes created with photogrammetry — the process of reconstructing 3D spaces from photographs.

The Destinations are viewable in any headset supported by Valve's own OpenVR platform like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. And, for input, the Destinations Viewer is compatible with motion-tracked or analog controllers. The Destinations Workshop is available now in beta form on Steam's Early Access.

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