The new 'Doom' gets its first update on June 30th

A photo mode, an old-school weapon view and more custom map features are part of the mix.

The new Doom is on the cusp of getting its first major update, and it appears to be worth checking out -- especially if you have fond memories of the original games. The upgrade arrives on June 30th with the option of a classic dead-center weapon view, regardless of the mode you're playing. It's there to evoke nostalgia, of course, but it'll also be helpful if you want more of a visual aid when aiming.

Other additions? Aside from the usual fixes, there's a photo mode to capture those brutal battles for posterity, and the SnapMap creator has useful extras like sky backdrops and an auto-rollback feature to mend corrupted maps. This is just the start of Doom's expansion plans (more maps and game modes are on the way), but hey, it's free -- there's no harm to checking it out.