Try the first level of 'Doom' for free this week

A bit of a throwback to shareware, but for a limited time only.

The new Doom has launched to rave reviews, but today at E3 Bethesda announced it was looking to get even more people into the game. To that end, the first level of Doom will be available for free on Steam, Xbox One and PS4 this week only. The company said it was meant to be in the spirit of shareware demos that were so popular on the PC way back when the first Doom was popular, but this teaser is a bit more restrictive, since it'll only last for a week. Still, it's a better demo than most games offer these days.

For those already playing Doom, Bethesda also said that more DLC was coming soon, including new maps and multiplayer modes, including classic deathmatch. But if you need more friends to play the game with, just point them to the free demo this week and see if you can get them hooked -- it should be available starting as of tonight.

Update: According to the game's Twitter account, the demo offer is being extended for an indefinite amount of time.