Pilot a disembodied head on July 26th with 'Headlander'

Rocket-powered heads! Robot dogs! The PS4 and PC game pays homage to '70s sci-fi tropes.

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Pilot a disembodied head on July 26th with 'Headlander'

Headlander, the Adult Swim game with a '70s science fiction vibe, comes to the PS4 on July 26th. First announced last December at the PlayStation Experience, it puts you in the head of the "last organic life left in the known universe," according to the PlayStation blog post. Even though you're just a disembodied head, you do have a spacesuit helmet and rocket booster. That lets you dock your dome on any object with a "universal docking ring," including humanoid shepherds, robot dogs and even vacuum cleaners.

After that, you visit levels in the "Pleasure Port" with help from your personal assistant Earl, blasting enemies with increasingly powerful lasers or deflecting fire with a bounce shield. All the while, you'll be trying to figure out who you are and why you're the only human around. The trailer (below) captures the look, fun and nonsense of classic films like Dark Star and Westworld, and if the side-scrolling game can live up to that, it should be a hoot to play. It arrives on the PS4 and PC on July 26th.

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