'Star Wars: Battlefront' add-on will tie into 'Rogue One'

You're also getting a good look at the game's Death Star expansion, which includes Chewie and Bossk.

EA and DICE are determined to wrap up Star Wars: Battlefront's year of add-ons with a bang. The developers have used Star Wars Celebration to reveal that the fourth DLC pack will revolve around the Rogue One storyline. Rogue One: Scarif will let you play as rebel Jyn Erso or her Imperial nemesis, Director Krennic, as you fight for the original Death Star's plans on the planet Scarif. While you're not getting a look at actual gameplay just yet, EA vows that the add-on will be available in time for the movie's mid-December debut. Season Pass holders will get to play two weeks early.

But what about the previously announced Death Star pack? You're finally getting a good look at that, too. The new content will see you fighting both inside and outside of the giant space station (flight combat plays a much stronger role, clearly). And you can play as either the bounty hunter Bossk or Chewbacca -- Han finally has his best friend at his side. The Death Star extras arrive in September, so you'll definitely have something to play while you're waiting for Jyn and company.