'Gravity Rush 2' hits PlayStation 4 this December

Get ready to defy physics and... eat donuts.

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'Gravity Rush 2' hits PlayStation 4 this December

Gravity Rush 2 is coming to the US and Europe this year. The sequel to the physics-defying hit will launch on December 2nd in the US and UK, and November 30th in Europe.

The original Gravity Rush launched on PlayStation Vita in 2012, and was recently remastered for PlayStation 4. The new title features the same core mechanic -- the ability to manipulate gravity to traverse stages and defeat enemies -- with a few twists. You'll now be able to pick between different "gravity styles," which alter the physics to make the pull of gravity weaker and stronger.

It's also on a far grander scale than the original. That's in part thanks to the switch from targeting a handheld to a full-fledged console: Gravity Rush 2 is a PS4 exclusive. Sony says the new game is more than twice as large as its predecessor, has three times the missions and will run between 20 and 40 hours.

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