Pick up 'Inversus' and other new PS4 indies this August

'Abzu' and 'Headlander' are among the titles heading to a PlayStation near you.

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Pick up 'Inversus' and other new PS4 indies this August
August is shaping up to be a big month for indie gaming for PlayStation 4 owners, with a smattering of titles hitting next month, like the creative puzzler Inversus. It's headed for the PlayStation Store on August 16th in all its monochromatic glory.

Inversus tasks players with moving on either white or black tiles. Much like Ikaruga is all about reversing the polarity (read: swapping between white and black) and Inversus is about flipping tiles over to create a path while ensuring you keep your enemies from progressing further. You can also play alone while fighting off waves of enemies if you're more of a solo player. If you're more interested in taking your game on the road, there's a full suite of multiplayer options too.

Summer is a great time to pick up other indies as well, like Headlander, which comes out on July 26th. August is bringing Abzu, Brut@l and Bound as well. If indie gaming is your thing there are several new releases coming your way to help you beat the summer heat. Just wait until fall gets here, though.

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