Cyanogen Inc. founder says company isn't focusing on Android apps

Steve Kondik didn't say what's next for the company, though.

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Opopododo, Flickr
Opopododo, Flickr

Cyanogen Inc.'s co-founder, Steve Kondik, says the company isn't "pivoting to apps" despite reports that it's laying off 20 percent of its staff to change focus. However, Kondik didn't deny the job cuts in his post on the CyanogenMod blog and even admitted that the company had its "share of stuff which just didn't work at all." Unfortunately, that also means he didn't discuss what's next for the company or clarified what's going on behind the scenes, though he promised to post more info on its website soon.

What he did say is that Cyanogen Inc. will continue sponsoring CyanogenMod's development, which makes sense since Kondik is also the person behind the community project. The Android-based open source mobile platform is a separate entity from the retail variant Inc. offers its customers. While it has always been maintained by a community of developers, Cyanogen Inc. plays and, from the sound of things, will continue to play "an active role in its development."
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