RedTube, which helped kill porn mags, launches a porn mag

You won't be able to claim you're reading this one "for the articles."

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RedTube, which helped kill porn mags, launches a porn mag

Last year, Playboy Magazine announced that it would stop printing fully-nude pictures because, hey, the internet exists. But, one of the outfits that caused Playboy to abandon such imagery is now launching a competing publication in the real world. RedTube Magazine has been described by its founders as a "men's general lifestyle monthly with a photo-heavy emphasis on explicit sexual content." The company also explains that the new venture will serve as a bridge between the jazz magazines of the 20th century and whatever the hell you can get on Google if you disable SafeSearch.

It's hard to tell if the move is a cynical publicity stunt or another example of web businesses trying to recreate what they've already destroyed. After all, just a few years after Amazon had rinsed the traditional bookstore, the company revealed that it would open... a physical bookstore. But while there's still some value in actually grasping a book in your hand and reading your new purchase while grabbing a coffee, does that experience carry over?

The big challenge for RedTube Magazine will be that almost everyone has access to the internet wherever they go. In every adult's pocket is a digital device that can bring up almost anything your heart (and other things) desires in a matter of seconds. Given that you can pinch-to-zoom any lurid detail that you wish in this new world, is the notion of printed and laminated material going to cut it?

As for content, RedTube's Alex Taylor says that the company will work with "top bloggers, journalists and online influencers." Rather than attempting to copy Playboy's more heavyweight stable of names, the publication will seek to "capture a web feel" and talk about everything from "scotch tasting to the art of the ethical threesome." If that sounds like something you'd read, then you can grab the first issue in December for $10.

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