Prisma's 10-minute cold brew coffeemaker hits Indiegogo

You'll have to pledge at least $279 to get one.

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Mariella Moon
August 3rd, 2016
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Prisma's 10-minute cold brew coffeemaker hits Indiegogo
Prisma, a machine that can make cold brew coffee in just under 10 minutes instead of 12 frickin' hours, is now on Indiegogo in a bid to raise $150,000. That means you can get one coffeemaker as a perk when you back the project for at least $279 $229. Still expensive for most people who don't mind any kind of coffee, but for connoisseurs and enthusiasts, that's $20 $70 off the company's suggested retail price. We tested Prisma in April back when it was still a prototype called Pique, and it made 750 ml of coffee within only seven minutes. Engadget senior editor Nicole Lee thought the coffee it made was delicious with "hardly any bitter notes."

The device's creators planned to get most of their funding from Indiegogo from the very start. While the campaign's launch was delayed for a month, the coffeemaker's estimated shipping date is still September 2017.

Update: We tweaked our post to reflect the super early bird tier that's still available for $229.

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