University of Miami's sports VR app goes behind the scenes

All you'll need is a $30 headset and unwavering fandom for the Hurricanes.

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USA Today Sports

The Olympics aren't the only sports-in-VR news this week -- college athletics will take the (virtual) field too. In conjunction with the University of Miami, EON Sports VR is starting a VR channel showcasing the school's sports teams. Previously, EON has brought VR to baseball and football training. Men's and women's scrimmages, practice footage and huddles will be accessible via a $30 Hurricane-branded headset, according to a prepared statement.

Sounds cool, yeah? The headset is scheduled to debut in early October. While it sounds an awful lot like a relatively low-tech Google Cardboard setup, the University of Miami has bigger projects in the works as well. Like an algorithm to potentially predict ISIS attacks, has a hurricane simulation tank and even offers VR tours of its campus. Seems like this was a case of "when" it would happen and not "if," considering that last bit.

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