Samsung's Milk Music service will end on September 22nd

The company will stock its devices with existing music services instead.

Users of Samsung's Milk Music -- and by definition, owners of Galaxy or Note smartphones, since the service was only available on them -- are in for some sad news: It will shutter in the US on September 22nd. Fans should switch over to Slacker instead, which powered the service, the company said.

Milk Music was Samsung's Pandora-like entry into the streaming music world, launching in 2014 as an oddly-timed but well-designed platform exclusive to the company's devices. But they shut down its streaming video service last September a year after it went live and slowly scuttled the brand thereafter, like quietly renaming its Milk VR app to "Samsung VR" back in June. As Variety noted, the core Music service was likely doomed once bulk layoffs in July saw many of Samsung's Media Services Center of America executives axed. To fill the void, the company noted in a statement that it will instead invest in a partner model integrating existing services into its device lineup.