Amazon announces a special forum just for car enthusiasts

Come chat about cars and while you're there, make sure to buy some parts too.

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Brittany Vincent
August 25th, 2016
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Amazon announces a special forum just for car enthusiasts
Amazon has launched Amazon Vehicles, a special "automotive community" meant for users to research information about their vehicles while shopping for vehicles, parts and accessories. The key word here is "shopping." It's essentially an online destination to chat about cars and buy new parts when you need or want them.

In addition to checking out parts and information on vehicles like videos, reviews, images and specs customers can chat with other members of the community and ask their burning vehicle questions. It's meant as an "extension" of the pre-existing Amazon Automotive store, where you can already purchase vehicles, tires, parts and various other pieces of cars you might need. Plus, you can already add information about cars you own to the Amazon Garage.

Though Amazon Vehicles seems mainly focused on getting you to search for the components you need to build the best car possible, it could be a cool resource for anyone obsessed with cars and the culture surrounding them, as well as a jumping off point for Amazon's Top Gear spinoff The Grand Tour. Either way, if you're looking to spruce up your car, it looks like Amazon's going to be a pretty decent place to start.

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