Amazon's new motoring show will be called 'The Grand Tour'

Clarkson, May and Hammond's new series has a name.

At last, the new motoring show from Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond has a name: The Grand Tour. The former Top Gear trio signed for Amazon last July with the promise of more automobile adventures. We've known for some time that it would debut on Prime Video this fall, with at least three seasons premiering over as many years. But there's never been a name -- something Clarkson and the gang have frequently poked fun at -- until now. Notably, The Grand Tour can be condensed to TGT or GT, an acronym similar to Top Gear's own TG.

Today, Amazon also revealed that the show will be travelling around the world -- hence the new name -- and will have a studio audience on location, similar to the old Top Gear hangar. Only this time, the public will be hanging out in a giant tent, rather than a not-too-portable building. The BBC, meanwhile, is hard at work developing a new-look Top Gear with Chris Evans at the helm. The new season premieres later this month with a fresh set of co-hosts including Friends star Matt LeBlanc and motorsport pundit Eddie Jordan. You can get a taste through some early trailers.

— The Grand Tour (@thegrandtour) May 11, 2016