Snapchat brings live score filters to high school football

So you can show off that home team spirit in real time.

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Snapchat brings live score filters to high school football

For its next geofilter trick, Snapchat is partnering with fellow Southern California startup ScoreStream to bring live scores from more than 5,000 weekly high school football games into your Snaps and Stories. As Mashable reports today, the scoreboard geofilters will show up just in time for back to school season when they launch on September 2nd.

The high school filters work more or less exaclty like the live score filters for NBA and professional sports that Snapchat debuted earlier this year, although Mashable points out that they'll only be available for games at participating schools. Snapchat hasn't released a list of those schools yet, but ScoreStream has a searchable database of available teams they work with as well as their own standalone app.

While the data comes from ScoreStream, the actual art will come from Snapchat itself and features ad space similar to how sponsored filters work. At launch, the scoreboard filters will be feature some prominent Gatorade branding.

"Dynamic Geofilters are a visual and timely way for sports fans to express the here and now of the game in their Snaps," Snapchat's Ben Schwerin said in a statement. "ScoreStream's crowd-sourced content is far more local and personal than any other sports content currently available, and will fuel the high school spirit of our Snapchatters like never before."

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